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17-18 Huffwood Trading Estate, Partridge Green, West Sussex, RH13 8AU

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Ginger's Kitchen

Food, made the way it should be





A varied and eclectic range of dishes developed for customers specific needs.  Below are examples of dishes which can be accommodated.



Celeriac, Truffle & Chive - a creamy indulgent soup, very simply made but flavour packed and finished with flecks of chive.

Spiced Butternut & Lentil - silky smooth with a second deposit of plump red lentils to deliver on texture.

Chicken Ramen (Base) - slow cooked with chicken wings, ginger, wakame seaweed, kombu dashi & toasted sesame oil


Freekeh, Butterbean, Fava Bean, Lemon Charred Broccoli, Pickled Red Onion &

Pumpkin Seed Salad. Poppy Seed, Chilli & Honey Dressing.

Speckled Lentil, Quinoa & Wild Rice Salad with Lemon Confit Aubergine, Broccoli,

Cavolo Nero, Broad Beans & Peas . Wild Rocket & Pinenut Dressing,

Pearl Barley, Red Rice, Jerk Roast Butternut Squash, Kale & Black Turtle Bean

Salad. Zesty Red Pepper ‘Hot Sauce’ Dressing,


Roast Cauliflower & Lentil Dahl - a vegan & gluten free coconut dahl with roasted cauliflower & finished with wilted baby spinach leaves.

Butternut Squash & Lentil Makhani - a vegan play on a classic Makhani sauce with coconut milk replacing cream. 

Spanish Chicken & Butterbean Stew - slow cooked chicken thigh in a smoky paprika laden tomato sauce with plenty of chorizo.  

Boston Beans - made with dried beans, cooked low & slow with Italian tomatoes, dark brown sugar, Dijon mustard & fresh sage.


Katsu Curry Ketchup - a curried ketchup with backnotes of apple, tamari & chilli,

Beetroot & Tamarind Ketchup - visually vibrant & delicious with a vegan burger.


Umami Ketchup - ceps, tamari soy & kombu dashi deliver bags of umami.

Gong Bao (Pineapple) Sauce - great with fried chicken wings & with pineapple pieces.

Sicilian Scorpion sauce - Scorpion chillies, sunblush tomatoes & lemon packed punch.


Pumpkin tortelloni, pumpkin & truffle sauce, roast butternut squash, sage & hazelnut pesto.

Caserecce, cep cream, broad beans, cavolo nero, mushroom ragu, sage & goat's cheese butter.

Macaroni & crab meat in a rich Thermidor cheese sauce, crisp Sussex Charmer & focaccia crumb.

Roast aubergine, fennel confit & tomato lasagne with a ricotta, dill & toasted pine nut crust.    


Sweetcorn Fritters Mix (gluten free & vegan) - two mixes to incorporate at site to activate the baking powder & cook.

Beetroot Nuggets (gluten free & vegan) - made with soya protein, gram flour, ras el hanout, cumin, chilli & garlic.

Chuck & brisket beefburgers - locally made 85vl burgers slow cooked @ 60oC, ready to heat & serve.

Marinated & slow cooked lamb biriyani - heavily spiced diced lamb leg & cooked overnight until melting tender